The first guitar I got to myself was this Pro Martin. A Japanese D-28 clone. It has V-shaped neck. It has also laminated top, so not the best possible sound. I glued the loose bridge last spring and I can play it again.

So now 2017 I decided that it is time to do this kind of guitar myself. Here are the woods. The back and the sides will be Indian rosewood, top will be sitka spruce, neck will be mahogany and the fretboard and the bridge will be ebony. Bindings will be done with purple heart wood. And of course a lot of abalone. Like in D-45 or D-42.

All wood material was ordered from riwoods.com.

Making the mold takes always its time. Still some back side shaping to be done at school.

Sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood

Really tight and straight grain in the middle of the top.

Back and top. Starting soon to make the braces.

Plan for binding the sides.

Plan for purfling the top.

Rosette glued.

Hole is ready.

Bracing pattern of the top. X is already glued.

Top and back bracing glued and shaped.

Two way truss rod and two carbon rods to reinforce the neck.



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